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We are Accessibility and Inclusion

We are professionals with diverse capacities, and our objective is to create a working environment that allows us to channel diversity in the search for solutions to develop universally accessible communication, assuming the challenges that innovation stands for. Both in the development of computer tools and work integration processes

We don’t say, we do

We have constituted ourselves as a Employee-Owned Limited Liability Company because our roots are born within the social, solidary and equitable economy.

Equality of opportunity, the right to work, to be self-sufficient, the dream in a full life is common to all people.

Diversity working for Accesibility

We live in the communication age. For those who have limited mobility and understanding, being able to access telematic channels of information can mean a radical change in their lives.

In Inclusive Studio we think that obstacles are opportunities that are disguised and that, with effort, will and a lot of love, can be overcome.

In the same way, facilitating access and telematic navigation can bring commercial initiatives to a greater number of potential customers.

We firmly believe that technological development provides us with tools capable of breaking the barriers that many people find when it comes to acquiring information due to their diversity, training and age.

“Many of our dreams seem first impossible, then seem unlikely, and then, when we awaken our willpower, they soon seem inevitable.”

-Christopher Reeve-

Through research it is possible to innovate in the development of new tools that allow implementing accessibility in digital communication without the need to have programming knowledge. These tools include in the computer work market those people who, due to their diversity, have limited access to it, and allow them to develop their potential. Integration gives independence. Only by providing adequate support and tools to people is effective labor insertion achieved.