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Start with an accessible web without many complications and with the basic so that anyone can navigate your website without problems

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The “basic” websites of Inclusive Study are designed for the most demanding people, both in terms of robustness and functionalities. More than 20 years of experience behind us to create this product that seeks customer satisfaction both short and long term. A complete and scalable product, designed to grow with you and your organisation.


The website consists of up to 10 main sections, without sub-menus. According to the needs of the client.

  • Start
  • We Are
  • Servicies
  • Works
  • News/Blog
  • Contact
  • …..

It has a menu at the bottom of the page, with the Legal Notice and Cookies Policy sections, and accessibility statement. To complete these sections, we provide a template to the client who returns it to us with your data and we implement it.


WordPress, with a robust base, is easy to update, has the ability to scale according to needs and customise to suit the client.
Why WordPress as a base?


Then click to see its functions, its basic modules, accessibility, etc.

  • hare your content on your social networks
  • Customisable basic contact form
  • Reusable design blocks
  • Backup modules, restoration and migration of the web
  • Positioning analysis module
  • Module notice of cookies. (Data Protection Act)
  • Assisted personalisation tools


With its basic website you will have included and ready to use a level of basic accessibility, equivalent to Phase 1 of what we call Evolutionary Accessibility.

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So important is the applied as having it hosted on a good Internet server, so that it is fast and without limitations, do not forget to hire our hosting services


As you can see, all our websites have all the most basic universal accessibility tools that are customizable through PAU, our Universal Accessibility Panel.


Well we already have the good Web and a good server. Keep it updated with new features, be sure to keep it safe from attacks and other  

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