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Hello everybody! I am PAU “Universal Accessibility Panel”. My house is at the head of an Accessible Website on the right of the screen. Place the mouse over me and I deploy or close depending on your needs as users.

With me you access all the aids and supports necessary to visit the page, eliminating the barriers of communication according to your needs or tastes.

I am the first system that allows, to have a website that does not discriminate people, for reasons of functional diversity, or age, including the great forgotten: Cognitive or mental functional diversity.

I’m going to tell you my secret: “The technology by which I implement accessibility multimedia aids, makes that these are loaded after the page is loaded, so it does not change the response time of the same.

From my hand, a personalised and optional navigation is achieved. I am going to introduce you to my friends, they help you navigate to find the information you are looking for. They are with you always. You can deactivate them, or activate them, at any time.

To find them look for the pictograms that appear on the screen. They are circles and inside they have a drawing. Each drawing has a meaning and when placing the mouse over it, the page shows the changes that apply and that help you find the information very easily.

Now I explain the functions that each one of these pictograms does:

  • Content 100% locuted, with pre-production in study and automatic locutions.

  • LSE (Spanish Sign Language) videos with said Sign Language, which transcribe the content while it is being recorded.

  • Pictograms in all your options, for easy understanding.

  • All menus, access to sections and sub-sections through videos with LSE and pictograms. In the start menu, shortcut key and braille number (for awareness).

  • Auditory and visual aid of the click, to be sure that click has been done.

  • Zoom of all the images and links, for its correct visualization before the click, high contrast.

  • Function Where am I ?, which facilitates that people do not get lost and navigate in a clearer and more structured way through the web.

  • Source Legible, change to a source that facilitates reading.

  • Dyslexia source, change to a dyslexic source.

  • Highlighting links, by underlining.

  • Visited in Black and White or grayscale.

  • Invert colors that allows a high contrast viewing.

  • Other types of hearing aids and driving sounds, as well as images described.

  • PAU allows you to choose the profiles of each diversity: visual, cognitive and auditory.

“Who have a friend, have a treasure”. These functions are my treasure and I want to share it with all those who need it or choose to use it to navigate more comfortably or for those who believe that their business is a service and this should reach the largest number of users whatever their diversity.

Because diversity is a universe full of possibilities and deserves access to everything you need and want.

At this moment I do not say goodbye, if not a “see you later” because my desire is to be part of your home, as you are part of my heart. The world is a cold place until friendship fills it with warmth and color, cooperation and help, services that lead to dreams.

“See you soon!”

PAU se despide
PAU says: See you later!

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