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PAU Plugin Universal Accessibility for WordPress

With the PAU Plugin you can implement universal digital accessibility without the need for programming.


The Plugin PAU is a module or plugin for WordPress, which allows you to implement universal accessibility tools for the cognitive, auditory and visual profiles on the web, without the need to know programming.

Give your website pictograms, audios and sign language. You can upload them to any size, and PAU takes care of the rest; optimises and converts them to different formats for fast loading, playback and to obtain 100% compatibility with all browsers and devices.

It’s displayed on the web as a panel organised by profiles and types of aid. When entering them, the different functions that each one has are displayed, and can be chosen by the user according to his need.

And … how it works?

It’s really adaptable

The web administrator will be able to choose which tools will be displayed in the Panel, and which configuration will default to each of them, adapting to all types of situations or projects.

In addition, then each user or visitor of the web, will be able to generate their own preferences, and these will be remembered without need of registration, or identification of this.

Default Settings image capture

Simple And Easy

The web is endowed with Universal accessibility through HotSpot or hot spots, consisting of pictograms, audios and sign language video, everything, or just what you want.

All this can be assigned to the different objects or components of a website, without the need for programming; menus, titles, complete page content, buttons and links, form fields, etc.

Accessible Multimedia Library

In addition, the Plugin has an additional accessible media library service, which will allow you to search for a concept or word from the same plugin and this will provide you and automatically will be inserted the corresponding sign language pictogram, audio and video, with a high quality recorded in studio and without having to create it or record it yourself.

The pictogram, the audio and the corresponding sign language video are assigned automatically, with a high quality recorded in the studio and without the need to create or record it yourself.

In addition, the library service will help you to save space on the server and will serve you videos and audios, from our global network of high-response CDN-type servers, and through adaptive streaming that serves it optimised even to the exact size of the display user.

Capture of different formats of videos and audios

Automated and fast

Providing a web with alternative communication systems such as videos or audios in an optimised way for loading and in all compatible formats can generate a lot of work, but the PAU Plugin does all this for you automatically and without needing you you have to worry about it.

You upload the video or audio in any size, and PAU is responsible for optimising it to load fast and be served by streaming, as well as generate for you the different versions necessary for full compatibility in different browsers.

Assignment of visual form, without touching code

The assignment of HotSpots is done visually on your website in assignment mode. You’ll only have to select the desired object and when you give it to save, you’ll already have it assigned, without having to display or change the code of your page.

In addition to PAU, conflict resolution system, there will also be no need for unique identifiers to the objects, PAU will take care of everything and help you to resolve any conflict, if any, without touching the code.

And … How does it look?


Through the Universal Accessibility Panel we can see exactly all the tools and functions that we will install with the PAU plugin, where we can differentiate the following categories:

  • Profiles
  • General
  • Navigation
  • Sources
  • Visual
  • Design
  • Help



1. By default

The default options of the PAU

2. Visual Diversity

Activate or deactivate the default options for people with Visual Diversity

3. Auditory Diversity

Activate or deactivate the default options for people with hearing diversity

4. Cognitive Diversity

Activate or deactivate the default options for people with Cognitive Diversity

5. Customised

Activate or deactivate the PAU options that best suit your needs


1. Show / Hide all

Show or hide all the options of the PAU

2. Activate general sound

Turn on or off all the sound on the web

3. All the videos of LSE

Activate or deactivate all videos in sign language of the web

4. Reading or sound content

Activate or deactivate the locutions and readings of the website


1. Large cursor

Increase or decrease the cursor size

2. Click sound

Activate or deactivate the audiovisual indicator when you click

3. Show where you are

Activate or deactivate the warning that indicates the position or place where you are

4. Zoom the links

Activate or deactivate the zoom that is applied to the links of the site or other elements that can be clicked


1. Font size em

Increase or decrease the font size

2. Readable

Activate or deactivate a source as readable as possible

3. Dyslexia

Activate or deactivate a special font for people with Dyslexia

4. Customised

Activate or deactivate a custom font to choose


1. White / Black

Grayscale display

2. Invert colours

Invests site colours with high contrast

3. Highlight selection

Highlight the elements to which the user clicks


1. Increase of the panel

Increase or decrease the total size of PAU

2. Select PAU design template


3. Select PAU position



1. Documentation

Written explanation about the use of PAU

2. Video

Video Tutorial of the use of PAU

3. Support

PAU Technical Support developed by Estudio Inclusivo

4. Suggestions

Mailbox for proposals to improve the PAU

Plug And Go! Running in 3 steps:

Our PLUG and GO System !! lets you start with visible results very quickly, and at no cost.

The Plugin (even in its free version) already comes with the HotSpots already preloaded and configured ready so that you only assign them to the most frequent menus in a non-commercial website, even in 3 languages; English, Spanish and Valencian (Catalan).

You’ll have a demo or your non-commercial website, ready in just a few minutes.

1. Download and Activate the Plugin

2. Create and Assign a Hotspot

3. Edit, if you want, and Done!

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Below are frequently asked questions and answers, click to see the answer of each one:

No because PAU is always loaded at the end of loading the web, not affecting the user experience. For this, the following measures are taken:

  • All PAU measurements are loaded after loading the page
  • The audios and videos that you upload are optimised automatically for an agile and compatible load.
  • The audios and the videos are served in streaming. If you also use the accessible multimedia library, these will be used in the exact reproduction size, using “adaptive streaming”.