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Inclusive Studio in the VI RSEncuentro Valencia 2019

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On the past Thursday, May 23 and Friday, May 24, 2019, the VI RS Meeting was held in Valencia by the Novaterra Foundation. VI RSEncuentro is a Novaterra event in which the purpose is to co-create from self-criticism and humor, learning from error, and cooperation between people with a common goal. The RSEncuentro has been carried out annually since 2014 and is carried out in different areas of the Spanish geography, such as the pioneer Villarreal (Castellón) and Madrid among them. Likewise, the VI RSEncuentro was the second edition held in Valencia, being the first in 2017.

Facade of La Marina Base in Valencia
The Base seen from the sea
Mural of “What is RSEncuentro” for several participants during the event

Inclusive Studio presented, as part of the Micro-events of last Thursday 23, his candidacy to the meeting with the idea of doing something really transformative, presenting his candidacy with the Plugin PAU, and sharing it with all the attendees of the event. Javier Hernández and Isabel Rodríguez presented the candidacy, arguing that they are part of a company that through ICTs create work processes based on diversity, we want to tell you how to take advantage of the potential and develop the capacities of people working together, whatever the natural condition of each one. How teams are formed that channel fears and challenges in a cooperative way and encourage personal improvement. And as our experience is transformed into tools that improve digital communication for all the people who need access to it.

Here the video of what has been wanted to describe:

The video is not available right now. It will be COMING SOON. They regret the inconvenience caused.

After various activities, during dinner, Novaterra Catering Sustainable offered a rich cocktail to end the evening in the best possible way, with a DJ called DJ Pink Distorsion that entertained, as the opening of the event at noon, night, dancing, and what would have emerged under the moon of Valencia and in front of the Mediterranean Sea.

Attendees of the RSEncuentro, with Javier and Isabel in the background on the left and Míquel, in the center, on the first day.
Same picture as the previous one, only with more informal poses.

That day I (Marcos Jiménez Solsona) could not be for personal reasons, so the next day I had to make an appearance in the building. Next, one of the images of all the bags that he gave me, a copy of all of them, the organization. The morning was to charge batteries and thus carry out the morning journey.

RSEncuentros for all attendees.

The second round of Micro-events of the days arrived and Isabel returned to the stage to support the rest of the projects that participated there.

Isabel, along with others and other speakers, giving a talk

After a talk and a short break, it was the time of RSEjuego. “A Jugar”!! They made us a kind of Trivial where we had to answer the questions that Sandra Gil and Pamela Anderson gave us regarding the encounter and find the correct answer to raise the score. Javier has been the winner of this test.

Presentation of “Menuda Cagada”

After the contest, Menuda Cagada appeared knowing that everything did not go well the first, or the second, etc. In that activity we learned to learn from error and we enjoyed sharing it. To warn other people, if we could avoid it. And to laugh at our own “errors”. What had been told in the RSEncuentro, has remained there.

Attendees of the second day of RSEncuentro. The participation has been more numerous compared to the previous day. From left to right: Marcos (me), Isabel, Javier, Míquel and Danna, among the rest of the participants.

After Menuda Cagada , it was time to eat and I had to go, again, for personal reasons. The days continued during the afternoon with the activities of Enjambre responsible, Collective Challenge, Dialogues with the future, Co final participatory creation and dismissing the days with music and Turia, among others.

The meeting, organized by the Novaterra Foundation , had the collaboration of Caixa Popular and La Marina de València , in whose facilities ( La Base ) the event was hosted; and Responsible Journal as Official Medium.

The Days have seemed to me one of the possible contacts for future potential clients, so, days later, we would go to the WordCamp of Irún 2019 , whose chronicle is already published for reading.

An image of one of the activities carried out in RSEncuentro, to close this post


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Inclusive Studio in the Wordcamp Irún 2019

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From May 31th to June 3th, Inclusive Studio went to the Wordcamp Irún in 2019 thanks to Javier Hernández and Isabel Rodríguez who were able to get a presentation at the contest.

On May 31st, we climbed to Irún making short stops during the journey that separated both the Valencian capital and the Basque municipality. Despite arriving very exhausted from the trip, we went for a walk around the town going to some presentations, including those of Joan Boluda, and ended up at the dinner of speakers at a rural restaurant.

Speakers dinner
Speakers dinner Members of Inclusive Studio, Javier, Marcos, Míquel, Danna and Isabel, from left to right, in the lower left corner of the image.
Leer mas de Inclusive Studio in the Wordcamp Irún 2019