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From May 31th to June 3th, Inclusive Studio went to the Wordcamp Irún in 2019 thanks to Javier Hernández and Isabel Rodríguez who were able to get a presentation at the contest.

On May 31st, we climbed to Irún making short stops during the journey that separated both the Valencian capital and the Basque municipality. Despite arriving very exhausted from the trip, we went for a walk around the town going to some presentations, including those of Joan Boluda, and ended up at the dinner of speakers at a rural restaurant.

Speakers dinner
Speakers dinner Members of Inclusive Studio, Javier, Marcos, Míquel, Danna and Isabel, from left to right, in the lower left corner of the image.

On June 1st, he was the most active of the 4. We went to the University of Irún to expose ourselves and, immediately after noon, to accompany Javier and Isabel to make our presentations.

University of Irún
The University of Irún, where the 2019 Wordcamp of said Basque municipality was held

The main objectives of this paper have been:

  • Raise awareness about the social problems that NO accessibility implies.
  • Appeal to the emotions and empathy of the assistants in this regard.
  • Report existing solutions; validators, free and paid plugins, etc.
  • Show that inclusion is possible in the WP development studies, and even more if you work with WP
The announcement of the paper presented by 2 of the Inclusive Studio partners: Javier Hernández and Isabel Rodríguez
Marcos, Isabel, Míquel and Javier
The participants of the paper, from left to right: Marcos, Isabel, Míquel and Javier.

Next, the video of the presentation was passed:

They were distributing the papers they had to declare between Javier and Isabel and, after all, they took out the remaining partner Marcos Jiménez (the server), designer and responsible for accessibility, as well as the psychologist Danna López and the designer Miquel Sanjuán. tell our respective experiences with the company.

Group photo
All the participants of the Wordcamp, in the group photo of the event

At the end of our working stay at the University, we went for a walk around Irún and went to dinner at a restaurant near our apartment and then returned to it and recharged.

The 2nd of June was a day of tourism. We crossed the French border to visit Hendaye and its castle, and then returned to Spain to have lunch in a restaurant in the center of Hondarribia. In the afternoon, we visit Donostia-San Sebastián walking around the center and visiting its beach of la concha. We returned to dinner at the restaurant that we had near the apartment and we slept in it when we finished.

Finally, the 3rd of June was the day of return to the Valencian capital, similar to that of the first leg with corresponding stops.


Fuente del vídeo explicativo:

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