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Inclusive Studio website passes Phase 3 of Evolutionary Accessibility

As you will remember in old publications, we already told you that we were going to demonstrate that implementing Universal Accessibility in a web page is a matter of intentions rather than resources. In addition, this implementation can be done progressively, encompassed in a project that we call Evolutionary Accessibility . In fact we were going to demonstrate it with the example, in our own website.

In our case we have already created a basic web page, implementing texts in easy reading, in a version that we call “ Evolutionary Accessibility Phase Zero”

Then we evolved through the following “Evolutionary” phases:

Phase 1: Numerous tools of indole and general use are added; Readable sources or dyslexia, its size, filters, zoom, keyboard navigation, large cursor, etc.

Phase 2:Aimed at cognitive diversity, providing it with pictograms and easy reading in all navigation elements, titles and concepts.

Today we EVOLVE to PHASE 3, endowing the whole web with audios in all its functions, pictograms, form fields, etc.

Also the content of the pages is logged or read automatically, option that can be disabled independently from PAU, our control panel of universal accessibility. It also has an intelligent system that avoids two audios playing at the same time. For example if PAU is reading the content of a page and I pass the mouse pointer over a menu, the content is stopped, the menu is edited, and automatically afterwards, PAU will continue to find the content exactly where it left off.

There is also an option in PAU that allows you to deactivate all the sounds of the web and all the sounds of your tools, with a single click. The sounds and audios become a great help, not a nuisance when it is not desired. PAU takes great care of the details.

In the coming days, we will continue to evolve our web to phase 4; where we will provide videos in Sign Language to the main functions; such as menus, titles and links, as well as the locution or reading of all its contents.

See Phase 4

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