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Inclusive Studio website passes Phase 1 of Evolutionary Accessibility

As you will remember in old publications, we already told you that we were going to demonstrate that implementing Universal Accessibility in a web page is a matter of intentions rather than resources. In addition, this implementation can be done progressively, encompassed in a project that we call Evolutionary Accessibility . In fact we were going to demonstrate it with the example in our own website.

Cartel de Accesibilidad evolutiva Fase cero

In our case we have already created a basic web page, implementing texts in easy reading, in a version that we call “ Zero Phase Evolutionary Accessibility “.

Cartel de Accesibilidad evolutiva fase uno

In this new phase of Evolutionary Accessibility Phase 1, a plugin developed by ourselves, called PAU, Universal Accessibility Panel, is included for the first time, with its active basic accessibility tools, such as:

Switch to a readable or special source for people with dyslexia.

Apply to display filters in high contrast, black and white or grayscale to the entire web.

Highlight all the links or apply a high contrast zoom to facilitate their visualization before zooming.

Make the big mouse cursor oppose it in normal size.

Change the size of the PAU, Universal accessibility panel, as well as change the size of all the sources or texts of the web.

All these tools will be available in the free version of our PAU plugin.

Capture of PAU, Universal Accessibility Panel
PAU, Universal Accessibility Panel

In the coming days, we will continue to evolve our website to phase 1; where we will approach content adapted to easy cognitive compression, using accessibility tools such as pictograms and easy reading technique, although the latter is already applied from the beginning.

Cartel de Accesibilidad Evolutiva fase 2.

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