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Good morning to all. I’m Marcos Jiménez Solsona, one of the partners of Estudio Inclusivo, and I have Asperger’s Syndrome. First I studied Computer Technician and Superior Technician in Image and Sound of Vocational Training, and now I am a Graduate in Fine Arts.

I am currently responsible for the universal accessibility of this website, but in this post I am going to talk about one of my other facets: the one of draftsman.

It is a comic book project called Floren, which narrates the adventures of the character of the same name, a boy of 5-6 years who lives adventures with his friends, family and neighborhood, and who is hopelessly secretly in love with Raquel, a former student trainee of teaching and current teacher of the school he attends. And to expand the largest possible audience have been introducing spin-offs featuring the father, brother or dog, etc.



Above, the current logo with the Floren character;
and below, one of the comics, with the old logo,
of the homonymous character.

Since I started the project in 2011 (first as an independent project and, later, as Final Degree Project and beyond), the whole pre-production process has been carried out (idea, synopsis, literary script, narrative, etc.) , production (placing drawings in vignettes) and postproduction (coloring, polishing details, hanging it on appropriate websites, etc.).

The truth is that, drawing this character, I managed to capture the reality I lived or still live, that is, it is a tribute to my life or life that I would have liked to see it in another way (thanks to art I can recreate certain situations). Therefore, as some examples, I have used some of the following themes for Floren:

  • The ideas of childhood.
  • The promotion of sports.
  • Friendship, loyalty, and relationships between the characters.
  • Current issues: social criticism, integration, etc.
  • Bullying.
  • Integration with other living beings: normally between the youngest of the family and a dog, as well as between himself and other children from his early age.
  • The sample of the father’s life in the workplace, family and social.

Photograph of Floren’s fanzines made so far

I have done 6 seasons (6 physical fanzines) of Floren so far and, in 2018, is in the process of making a 7th, in which 2 comic strips of 3 pages each were launched and whose first anticipated date of continuation will give rise to June 26 (or beyond if I do not arrive on time), both for San Juan and for the role of Spain in the 2018 World Cup.

You can follow Floren in the following link:

There you have more information about the character and the comics that I hang from him, etc.

You can also follow me on Proyecto MarJiSol‘s Facebook where I hang any news that comes up regarding Floren or other projects.

I hope you like it. Greetings to all!

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